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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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At Alohma we are very proud of the value we add and offer.

We decided to compile this page so our customers can get insight into what we do every day.

Part 1. Liquids:

Although Alohma does not make liquids, Alohma carries over 300 flavors for you to choose from. Of those flavors, 5 are made in China(Hangsen) and the rest are made in the USA.

We carefully study suppliers and their production standards before carrying their liquids. It is for that reason that we are usually unable to carry liquids from small and specialty suppliers even though they may be great flavors and are very popular.

For added assurance, even the Chinese liquids that we carry are sourced from the United States after being inspected in order for us to have added assurance on the quality. We have a commitment to our customers to only carry what we are confident of and are willing to vape ourselves.

As for nic, we want you to have uncompromised flavor and accurate nic levels. Alohma invested in very accurate pumps at all our locations that enable us to use high concentration nic to reduce the impact to flavor which would otherwise occur with diluted nic.

Our dispensing standards have been subjected to testing at Creighton University labs and we were very proud of the results. The last set of tests showed that all our samples were within 1.5-5% of stated nic level (a 20% variance is considered acceptable). Alohma offers liquids at 0, 3, 6, 11, 16, 18, and 24 mg/ml.

Our main line of flavors costs our guests $13.49 for a 30ml bottle (less during Happy Hours). Our customers earn a 5% reward on that. In the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, no other place offers liquids made in the USA, at that price, in a location where you can pick it up immediately after trying it, at the nic level you want.

That is value that we are proud to offer.

Part 2. Intro Kits:

In this second episode of how Alohma adds value, I would like to address introductory e-cig hardware. This will be lengthy so please bear with me :

One of the main issues that Alohma offers you is peace of mind with your purchase. We vet our suppliers and make sure that we only put products out there that we are willing to stand by and support. In some cases, those products may be perceived as expensive, but that is rarely the case when you dig in just a tad below the surface.

On single battery starter kits, one of the most common statements I hear is "Alohma starter kits are expensive, I got mine for $19.95 from …" as I am being presented with a 400 or 600mah battery. Well, at Alohma, we can't beat that because we don't carry that.

There are 2 types of single battery starter kits at Alohma for $19.99. The first has an 1100mah battery, charger, and disposable top wick tank. The other has a 900mah battery, charger, and bottom coil tank. Both kits carry a 30 day warranty and are from suppliers that we trust. In the event that something is wrong with the device, we will replace it during the warranty period. At the same time, when you make that purchase at Alohma, our staff will walk you through how to use it and offer some tips and tricks. Therefore, battery capacity, warranty, and how-to instructions are all value adds that Alohma offers. Had we carried the 400 or 600 mah kits, we would have probably priced them at $10.99. However, we don't since our customers demand more capacity.

As for the two battery kits, we carry 4 options that are priced between $34.99 and $49.99. Each of the batteries in those kits is rated at 900mah or above and they are manufactured by a very reputable supplier that stands by their warranty. The variance in the pricing of the kits is due to the different types of tanks and replacements that are included.

In recent months, with the release of new technologies, the intro category now includes many stunning products, some of which come with up to a 90 day warranty. With most of those newer kits, you will find the best deals and peace of mind at Alohma, that is something that we guarantee.

That is value that Alohma is proud to offer.

Part 3. Warranty, Warranty, and Warranty:

At Alohma, we have been honoring warranties from the day the company started. As we have grown and developed more relations with suppliers, we have become an authorized distributor for many and almost all warranties are addressed in our locations immedietly. At the same time, we are now offering warranties on many products that do not have a manufacturer warranty. We promised to take good care of you and we will deliver on that promise, every day.

We constantly deal with the issue of "I bought this online because it was a bit cheaper and now I can't send it back". You will never have that experience with Alohma and we will issue you a warranty card with your purchase.

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