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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
In-House Specials
Making it easier for you to enjoy Vaping

Rewards, Weekly Deals, and Specials are posted below.

Every location will have a manager's special every day…

This is your one page for discounts at Alohma. If you would like to get these updates on Facebook, please
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Customers who register at Alohma are automagically enrolled in our rewards program.

Rewards are earned on purchases of most consumables including liquids, cartos, wicks, tanks etc.

For every $100 dollars you spend on qualifying items, you will automatically earn $5 off your next purchase. 

No need to keep a receipt or have a coupon, our fancy shmancy automagical system does all that stuff.


The Top 10 List

When you get to the store, you can choose one of these discounts (for sales receipts up to $1,000, not valid with sale/clearance items)

***You will still earn rewards when you qualify for these discounts!

# Who How to Get the Discount %
10 CSG Employee CSG Employees, just show up and chat with Sam… He’ll know you, Sam knows everyone! 5%
9 Military? Active, Reservist, Veteran? Show us some form of Military ID 10%
8 Super Plumer Make a purchase of $250 or more 5%
7 Family Members Give birth to, change diapers for, or be raised with one of the staff at Alohma. Oh… or be a spouse of some sort (highly unlikely since Plumers have no life). 10%
6 High Roller Make a purchase of $750 or more 15%
5 Media Mogul Post a YouTube video review of Alohma and some of its products. Must be approved by Alohma prior to release. 20%
4 Throwing Money Away, Randomly Timed! If the board is up and your sales receipt is $150 or more, you can take a shot at our make-shift dart board. You aim well, you get a discount. Ask our sales associates for game rules when you stop in. 0.5% to 35%
3 Bollywood Producer Show us a Bollywood movie featuring Alohma products and a whole neighborhood of dancing Alohma fans. 50%
2 What the …? Meet your significant other while doing jumping jacks in a Alohma t-shirt on the top of the pyramids in Giza… and show us a video of it happening. 60%
1 Holy Connections Walk in to the Alohma store in Omaha with a current or former President of the United States. Please give us advance notice so we can dress up for the occasion. 75%


Meet the Plumers


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