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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
You speak, we listen, we act.

Our dear guest,

We have grown Alohma with customer advice and acting upon feedback. We always appreciate your input/feedback and manage accordingly.

Please submit a review or of Alohma or review us on Yelp/Facebook (or you can do both) :-)

If there is anything that we can do to make your experience at Alohma better, please let me know.

Thank you,

Sam Salaymeh

Great Customer Service and Tutoring

I am always amazed by the Council Bluffs Alohma people. They are not only very knowledgeable, they always give extra effort into tutoring their customers in the ways of the Vape. I learn a lot every time I go in there. This last time Ben was my Vape professor and John was awesome as always. They were both amazing on this last Friday night by answering all of my questions and teaching me things I didn't know about mods. I truly appreciate that they weren't pressuring me to make up my mind and rushing me out the door when it was minutes before quitting time on a Friday. That is impressive and professional. Alohma is the best vape shop I have ever been in. Wonderful and huge selection of everything needed from the nubee starting out to the advanced and highly skilled mod master. I'm somewhere in between. Thank you again Ben and John. I didn't see Kevin in there this time, but I remember how awesome he was last time as well. You people deserve the business of everyone in Council Bluffs and Omaha. What I like when I see "Alohma" is Three things... 1. It is kind of an anagram of the word Omaha. 2. It has the amazing word "Aloha" imbedded. 3. It feels like you're saying "Aroma" which is exactly what vaping gives to the world... Beautiful Tastes and Aromas. Aloha doesn't just mean hello and goodbye... alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present oha, joyous affection, joy ha, life energy, life, breath The real meaning of Aloha is that of Love, Peace, and Compassion. It's the guidelines of how to live - a life of Aloha is one when the heart is so full it is overflowing with the ability to influence others around you with your spirit. I don't know if the owners meant for it to have the above three components.. My guess is that they did, but it doesn't matter because it really makes me love the place even more. it's how I feel when I experience this place and the feeling continues afterwards every time I think back on my experience there. The vaping experience has changed so many people's lives for the better. It is positive for people's health and it is fun and it smells and tastes so amazing. What's not to like. Well, maybe someday they will find a way to have non-leaking tanks that can be laid down or turned upside down or put into a bag without fear of ruining your clothes or books or term papers in your backpack etc... But, that's still a small thing compared to how much awesomeness vaping brings to the world. And the staff at Alohma (best name ever) is of the highest echelon in their field. There is a beauty and a science to it.

Thank you and Aloha... Alohma people.



Eric at M St. is my new best friend. I was sick of smoking. 40 years. Eric and Alohma have changed all that! I don't even remember why I started looking into vaping, but after a little, or a lot of reading on the web, I decided to go see the gear in person. Alohma seemed from what I saw to have a pretty good reputation so I gave them first shot. I was greeted by a guy about my age, (cant remember his name, sorry) who was very eager to help but admitted immediately that he was a little rusty in the sales/product knowledge area. I guess he had been out of the game for awhile. Regardless he was an immense help anyway, showing me devices and asking me very qualifying questions in order to determine which direction I should go. When I started asking questions he was not confident in answering, (big ups for honesty and integrity) he immediately turned me to Eric. This sounds dramatic, but my life changed almost instantly. Eric had me try several devices, gave excellent advice, and was very energetic and entertaining throughout the process. Products were chosen, purchase made, and I was on my way. I had now idea how on my way I was. After being a slave to those f, ing cigarettes for 40 years, I knew that day this was the way out. I vaped the (expletive deleted) out of this new toy, amazed at how I didn't even think about cigarettes, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. One week later it happened, joy was lost, my device tasted like burnt rubber, for almost 24 hours I could hardly use it, thoughts of buying a pack of smokes returned for the first time. I was at work all night and there was nothing I could do about it. But I sucked it up and resisted till I could get into the store and see Eric for some kind of relief. He was again an amazing help. He listened to my concerns and he tried everything under the sun to correct the problem. Unfortunately we could find nothing physically wrong with my device or any of its parts. Ultimately a flavor change was decided on to mitigate the burned rubber taste a little and to get me up and running enough so I could come down from the wall I was climbing. Eric spent ALOT of time trying to help me that day, and I have to apologize. It was as I discovered later, never my device that was the problem, It was me. I had been puffing on that thing in my newfound euphoria all week like a madman on one flavor, now I know what vapers tongue is. It manifests itself in my case as tasting burnt rubber. The new flavor has cured that for now, but I will be in to purchase several alternative flavors soon so that I can switch it up and avoid this in the future. I haven't had a cigarette in just over one week now. That has not happened in 40 years. I would like to say "you cant possibly know how awesome and amazing that feels" , but I get the feeling you probably do.

Thank you Eric, Thank you Alohma. P.S. hey, bureaucrats and colluding tobacco companies, sorry but you don't get anymore of my money so hands off! I vape now, and I do vote.

Bill W

Saved a Bday!
I shop at alohma a lot and they are my only source for ecig supplies, but for my birthday my girlfriend ordered me a new pipe style mod with a new type of tank I'd never used before, all the reviews online were very positive, but my experience with the rather expensive mod was terrible, I coughed and couldn'tfind the right settings no matter what I tried.  Finally I gave up and took it into alohma and they solved my problem almost immediately.  Apparently sub-ohm tanks are vaped with lower nicotine levels than what I had been currently using.  The staff was knowledgeable and professional.  I was impressed with how they expertly diagnosed a problem on a setup they were unfamiliar with.  I was in and out with a new low nic juice in less than ten minutes and back to enjoying my night.  Oh, and it worked beautifully!  I've never vaped anything so lovely, what a birthday gift!  I'm so glad, and my girlfriend is happy her gift isn't a dud, which makes me happy.  Honestly the level of customer service, technical know how, problem solving and diagnoses was on a level very rarely seen in ANY size or type of business.

Douglas Roncek
September 27, 2016

No Brainer
Let me tell you of my experience. I am a truck driver and travel all over. It is hard to find quality vaping supplies with truck parking at good prices. While traveling thru council bluffs Iowa i found the number to alohma. I gave them a call and that's where they took off. Most places will give you a brief run down on prices. Not alohma, they answered all my questions. What they didn't know right off the top of their heads they went and found the answer.  So i placed an order and they took the address to deliver it. Their delivery service was fast enough to make dominoes jealous. Not only did they get there quick, but they said no charge for the delivery! Opened my bag of goodies and found they had sent a few freebies! So let's rap it up. 

Great people who will help? Yep!

Great prices? Yep!

Great product? Yep!

Great service? Yep!

And they deliver! Hands down its a no brainer. If your near one of their many locations give them a call.
To all you other vaper shops out there, take note, this is how you do it right.

Daniel W.

Overland Park
I have been vaping for over 1 1/2 years and beetlejuice is my favorite and all I use now. The staff at the Overland Park store are always helpful and friendly and my favorite is Nicki! She has helped me on many occasions when I don't know what to buy! Thank you!

Kathy Willms

AJ's Service

I visited your 46th and Dodge store on April 16th and was greeted by AJ. I brought in my pencil box with 8 batteries we have purchased in the last year. Always an upgrade to something better as we went along. AJ immediately started cleaning and testing all my batteries. Two of the old were shot, but my newest two were not working at all. He was able to get those working for me and spent a half hour cleaning all my tanks and testing them. On the way there I thought I would be buying another expensive tank and AJ was able to get most of them working again. AJ went above and beyond customer service for me. Everyone at this store is so kind, but I appreciate what AJ did for me.

Sincerely, Caren Weed

No More Smoking

I went from 4 cartons of smokes a week to zero in a week an a feeling so much better now. And I'm loving the vaping. This my have saved my life! I got my brother hooked on and he is now vaping. Thank Alohma! and I want to thank everyone at the overland park Kansas store for everything they do!!!!! They are great!!!!

Maureen G

All you need

The service here is always top notch. I've been attempting to switch to vaping from cigarettes for a few years and never found anything that worked. I had stopped in the original store in Omaha and was very happy with the service but don't have time to travel almost two hours on a regular basis for supplies. When I found the Sioux City store is was almost an overnight transition from smoking to vaping. It has been a month since I smoked now and I wouldn't ever go back. Thanks Alohma for being there. I am a lifelong customer.


A True Standout
While there are a lot of vapor stores in the market, few truly rise to the top.  Among those and leading the way is Alohma.
The staff is professional and educated in their products and seem to genuinely care about the customer's experience. The selection is unbeatable and well categorized for easy shopping by vapors of all levels of experience and carried many accessories and lines that I have not found available locally. 
Their pricing is competitive but specials on product and "Happy Hour" specials make Alohma a true standout. 
Kudos to the owners for bringing together such a solid team. I recommend this store to everyone I talk to on the subject without hesitation. I have spent a great deal of money at other retail stores but will be shopping here exclusively in the future.

J L. 
Shawnee, KS

Best Store Ever

Bought a new kanger tech sub tank mini and a I stick 30 watt. the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable with my purchase. They helped to find a flavor of vapejuice that i could vape for days on end. THANKS TO THE STAFF OF SIOUX CITY.

Matt Peters

Rad Dudes

Half pack/ pack a day smoker for 2 years. I've been thinking about vaping for about 6 months but was pretty intimidated by what seemed to be a super complex system. I hung out with Ivan for 25 mins at the Oak View Mall and it was a super rad and enlightening experience. He was chill and pumped about the products. Thanks to the guys at Alohma I'll never go anywhere else! Yall rock!

Trevor Casserly

So Much Fun !

My daughter's and I went to the store in Sioux City on Saturday night (10/24/2015) . The 2 staff members at the store were so helpful and really made the experience a very fun and enjoyable one ! Can't wait to go back when I am in the area again!


Sapp Bros

As a over the road driver, it is hard to find vape shops around that actually do their job. For the store at Sapp Bros truck stop in Omaha , Nebraska, it was the first time I felt like I was around family. The way the staff was and helped me with my e-juice and my mod, try helped me alot. You guys have made me a forever customer  and I have been vaping since visiting. Thank you so much for the experience  and the best tasting e-juice I have had in a while. You guys are the best thank you for everything  once again. Happy trails and keep vaping.


Kenneth E. McGill 

Hands down the best
Hands down the best location for all you vaping needs. Truly a vaping superstore they have it all.  Everything from beginner setups to a coil building station for those who are more advanced and all the top trending juices right now. And to top it all off is the people that work there. The knowledge each employee has is going to help set you up for a successful and enjoyable vaping experience. Never trying to over sell you on the things you don't need, these guys are ready to answer any questions you have which is why I gave them 5 stars (6 if it were possible).

Alex P.
Overland Park, KS

I'll go back for sure
Very clean, extremely well organized. Extreme wide selection to choose from. The prices are very reasonable. I was impressed the moment I walk through the door. The staff is very knowledgeable about the products they sell. Ill go back for sure no exceptions ! 

Ken Weber

The Best Customer Service
The customer service at the N 120th store is the best I have gotten in years. John, Eric and Tonya have been just wonderful and patient with me and helping me on my e-cig journey.

Good customer service like these 3 have given is above and beyond what one normally gets these days. They are pleasant to speak with, always answer my questions and have such patience with me. And they have been very respectful to me knowing I am older. But I don't think that would matter, I believe they are always respectful.

I just thought it important I let you know how what wonderful employees you have.

I appreciate them. I had smoked 2pkgs a day for 50 yrs and just quit in Nov of last year. My son lives in Omaha and he bought me my ecig and told me where to call to buy my juice and things. In fact, he said when he went to the store to get my cig how cheerful and helpful the girl was that waited on him. So it isn't just your phone service but in store as well.

Anne Smith

Thank You
Just wanted to say a special thanks first to Sam.  I went to the M street store the first time on Monday looking at some now gear.  Thank you Sam for letting me play with some of your toys and your suggestions and tips.  Great to meet you.  Very fun experience and wish I didn't have to cut the visit short.  

I went to the Bellevue store a few hours later and made my purchase.  Went with the ipv5 and double vision.  Excellent suggestions and absolute game changers to me.  Super easy deck to build and is set up to handle coils that I would never fit into my last RDA.  Also picked up a moonshot since it was my birthday, kinda had to.  Can't report on that just yet, still in the box.

Also thanks to the Bellevue store.  Especially Dom, who I have dealt with a few times.  But really everybody that I have had contact with at that store.  Always a good experience.  Just have had more experiences with Dom.  Never felt pressured, but always felt informed.  Great, clean, professional staff and store.  No other shop I have been to even comes close.  Also a thank you to Renee for spending some time with me (a few weeks ago) fixing a wicking issue.

I was very close to pulling the trigger on an online purchase, but am glad I bought from you guys instead.  Would have saved some money, but I know any problems or questions I have with my gear, your staff will go over and above to make me happy with my purchase.  Had a couple issues with a purchase not long ago, and the Bellevue staff got me all squared away.


Tim Mendick

Absolutely amazing

The staff here is absolutely amazing. My wife Michelle and myself decided to quit smoking and switch to vaping on my 36th Birthday. We had no idea what we were doing as this was a first for us in the vape world, Tony alone spent 3 hours with us going over detail after detail and answering question after question as well as going through several different mods, tanks, ect to make sure we both got EXACTLY what we wanted and needed. The other staff members Jenn, Jade, Michael, and Landon also through in little tidbits here and there as well which also helped a ton. We have gone back in a couple times since our original big purchase to buy juices and every time they have made us feel like a family member walking in. We have and will continue to recommend Alohma to everyone, this is the BEST vape shop hands down.

Zach King

Unbeatable customer service

I am so lucky to live a half block from the Council Blufffs Alohma. I am always treated to some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Plus the hours are really convenient for a 9-5 guy. Tell the CB gang they are doing one helluva job.

Regards, J. Fuller

Great Service for Great Products

My first experience with Alohma was at the Omaha store at 120th and Dodge. The service there was excellent and the tasting area was great. The downside tot his store for me was that it's almost 2 hours from my home. I recently found out about the Sioux City store and decided to visit them. I was very pleasantly surprised. I've been vaping and trying to shop locally for a few years now and never had anyone let me try their personally setup (with my own drip tip) at any other establishment. This level of service is what sets Alohma apart from every other store I've been too. It doesn't ever feel like someone is pressuring you into a purchase, they are just trying to get you to purchase what will work best for you.

Dana Crawford


My experience with Alohma has always been brilliant!  The first time I went, the staff patiently explained how the devices worked and how to use and care for the starter kit I wound up buying.  They encouraged me to try various flavours before deciding, and they have quite a large selection of them!

The young man who looked after me also gave me detailed advice about vaping in general and allowed me to take all the time I needed.  He answered every question I had wonderfully and easily, and NO ONE pressured me into anything.

I am very comfortable there, and this is the only store from which I buy.  The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, and speaking from my experience, I would most highly recommend them!

Nat M.

The Best

The best company I have ever had the privilege to get to meet , know and watch in action. In a world full of companies that are not always looking out for you it is very refreshing to find a company based on integrity and treating people with respect. Great products, great flavor and awesome customer service. May you always be blessed. Thank you for everything.

Kimberly S.

By far the best

A great shop for your more advanced vapers, or someone trying to quit cigarettes! Very knowledgeable staff, large collections of mods, and one of the largest juice selections I ever seen. I've been to vape shops across the country and this is by far the best one I've been to! Clean, great set up. Definitely not your average, grungy, headshop-esque type of vape shop!

John K.

I ABSOLUTELY love Alohma
I ABSOLUTELY love Alohma in Bellevue!!...I am always treated with a smile...a dash of respect and alot of dignity!!!....I dont have alot of money at times and they dont look or treat me any different than the person that comes in and buys the biggest ml bottle of premium juice!!...Not many places are like that these days!!...I couldnt be treated better anywhere!!!....I wanted to thank you for your Bellevue location and the employees there!!!

Makayla Latham

I genuinely enjoy coming here!
More than the awesome product selection, it's the staff that makes this store what it is. You're never pressured to purchase anything, they encourage you to stick around and sample at your leisure. When it's time to upgrade, the knowledgeable staff always recommends the best things for the individual, not the things that are most expensive, and profitable for the store. I genuinely enjoy coming here!

Guy Durand

Unbelievable Amazing Customer Service

Unbelievable Amazing Customer Service. I was having an issue and posted about it on Facebook and they picked up their phone and called me! I am going in tomorrow and I can't wait to see everyone. Who can say that about any store? When you walk in they know your name and your kid's name. Best Vape Store in Omaha.

Jen Hampton

Couldnt ask for more from a vape shop
Couldnt ask for more from a vape shop, knowledgeable/friendly/helpful staff and an awesome product/juice selection with good prices. Theres a reason they are growing so fast..... 

Tyler Abel

Keep up the good job at all Alohma locations!

Just a thought, I left work tonight and went to Alohma Vapor Superstore at 120th, I was greeted with the same friendliness I always receive Michael Elgendy. I was there for a bit, I couldn't decide on what e-juices I wanted. Sam Salaymeh and Jen Randol came in, we all had a good chat and when I realized that Alohma does cater to a well rounded group of people from little old ladies who's grandson got them started vaping to stop smoking, to the hipsters that vape and everyone in between. Well it made me smile. Because the same welcoming feeling I get when I go in, they project to all that come in. Whether it is the first time you are there or you are an actual family member. Keep up the good job at all Alohma locations!

Karen Haagensen

The best customer service I've seen in a long time

This place probably has the best customer service I've seen in a long time. I ask a ton of questions and they always take the time to answer my questions and even give me hands on examples of how to troubleshoot my devices

Matt Fowler

Everyone here is amazing!

Everyone here is amazing! They always help to the best of their abilities to find what you want/need. They go above and beyond any other store that I've been to. If you have a problem, they are more than willing to help fix it. This is the ONLY place I will go anymore for my vape items :)

Ericka Marshall

Haven't had a cigarette in almost 3 years!

My friend Ginny told me about the store in Bellevue.  I went and found that it is a CLASSY place with excellent customer service.  I was a smoker for over 45years.  I started with with cigarex, then went to blue.  Both made my throat dry.  Alohma is so wonderful and I can go 2-3 days before having to re-charge.  Only thing to make me happier would be to have a store in Glenwood Iowa.  I also think the recently promoted Mr. Moore would be an excellent choice for store Manager.  Good luck and keep opening Alohmas!

Mary M

Best E-Cig place EVER!

Best E-Cig place EVER!  Super customer service, awesome variety of juice/flavors, accessories and convenient locations and hours!!!  I am always treated like a queen when I come in, as I am the only customer they have!  So wonderful!

Keep up the awesome work!!!!


Kelly :-D

Great people and great service

I have been a smoker for years. I tried a friends ecig, and thought it was great  I went to the Bellevue shop, and was a complete novice - I knew nothing about vaping. Jeremy, showed me through a variety of options and answered all of my questions. From start to finish he was great and made sure I knew how to operate everything, and then we tried a lot of flavor while chatting on the couch. Other employees and customers joined us and it was almost like a  gathering of friends. I work in a service industry, and Jeremy far exceeded my expectation for service and product knowledge.

I bought my second bottle of juice today! And will be back for more.

Bern P.

The reason why I will never shop any where else

My wife and I came into the Bellevue store just to get Juice and ran into friend Patrick. I asked him about the Smok T-40. Sam and everyone knows I have been hard to please because of the throat type hit I require. I went thru top coils and bottom coils and ended up with the rsst which worked great but I became tired of  rebuilding it every week. Patrick turned me on to the Aspire Nautilus and assured me that it would fulfill my needs without all the maintenance of the RSST. I put it together this morning and wow was I am impressed. The hit, flavor and clouds are unbelievable. I would recommend the Nautilus to anyone that has had the same issues I have had in the past or just want a great product that works great. The adjustable air flow feature is a plus. The only con I have is my aftermarket drip tip did not fit snug. Once again Alohma went above and beyond in there customer service. A huge kudos to Patrick and Alohma for taking care of my needs and being patient in answering my questions. What else can I say. Alohma, Sam, and there employees are the reason why I will never shop any where else. 


John Schwope

Great Store - Great Folks

You Guys get 5 Stars From Me, Always Great Service,Yours Products are First Class and if not you Fix it,and the Military Discount is Super, Keep up the Good Work Folks :).


Very Happy Customer and Family

I am so happy I made the choice to go to alohma and start using the vapor instead of smoking.  I have been a heavy smoker for years and cancer is high in family.  My daughter is so proud of me and I have already felt a difference in my breathing.  I did have some problems with the charger and glass cylinder I bought, but Ivan (Ian) on 120th an Dodge was terrific.  He took the time to listen to the issue and addressed it, but he went beyond that.  He took my issue and made it his personal issue.  He took the time to sit and go through everything with me, to assure me I was charging battery correctly, that I was filling top piece correctly.  He made a huge difference in the way I look at alohma and how I refer alohma to friends and family.  In addition I received a call from the companies owner yesterday to make sure everything was okay and to see what he could do to help.  At alohma you are not just a customer or a friend, but you are like family and they make sure you are treated like family.  TERRIFIC COMPANY !!!!

Mikkie Bruns

Wonderful Service

Thank you so much for my new e cig! the customer service at Alohma is amazing!i will be returning.....alot!!!

Ronald S

Why I keep coming back...

I was overwhelmed. I was (am) a noob. Within 5 seconds of walking into alohma, I was greeted with a smile and a question, "What brings you in?" 

No matter which employee I have encountered on my several and increasing visits, they ALL have answered every little dumb question I had. They had an answer or suggestion to every statement I made. They did not make me feel stupid, and were not high-pressure. This is the kind of place that I tell everyone I know about. It's such  a relief this place is so positive and professional.

Thanks to all of you! See you soon :)

Steve G

Awesome Store

I friend of mine told me about your store and went with me when I purchased my ecig. I was impressed by how fast I was greeted when entering the store. I could not believe how many flavors your store has and didn't have time to look at all of them. I just saw a couple that I thought I would like and bought them along with 2 tanks. It was very reasonable price. I am almost ready to come and buy more flavors. You have won over a new customer for life. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and all your employees are very kind and helpful.



Vaping Rules!

I know you all can't say that vaping helps people quit smoking cigarettes, but I will!  I used to smoke a pack or more per day and also chew long-cut tobacco.  I decided to try vaping in early December and while I have bummed a smoke from my boyfriend here or there, I have not bought a pack of smokes since then.  It is a bit of an adjustment at first, but I found that if I vaped instead of reaching for a cigarette when I found myself craving nicotine, I would be equally relieved.  After getting into the habit of vaping though, it's actually preferable over cigarettes.  My boyfriend sometimes offers me one in the evenings and I have actually been able to turn it down without a second thought.  Why would I want to smell like a cigarette butt?  Have an awful taste in my mouth? Ad infinitum.  I also began doing some kickboxing and cardio and found that my breathing is improved.  For a while I struggled with letting go of that first cigarette in the morning.  I would find one in my boyfriend's coat and start the day that way.  One day he left earlier than me in the morning and I just pulled out my e-cig.  From then on I decided I was just going to play it out that way each morning - I don't need it!  It's been over a week since my last cig and I am hoping to stay quit.  What's the point when you can vape?


Thank you Alohma for hooking it up!  I'll see you this weekend!



No More Cigarettes

My buddy Tanner told me about your store. I had bought my first "e-cig" from a tobacco phones 4 less. It was the basic starter kit and it came with a little bottle of juice, but it was menthol flavored and I was trying to get away cigarettes and nicotine all together.

I walked into your store about 2 1/2 weeks ago and was introduced to a whole new world. I was shown all the different types of vapes, attachments and batteries etc. I was sold when I was shown the flavor rack in the testing area (though I am not much of a fan of the 11% nic content in the testing area. I think it kills the flavor). I cannot for the life of me remember the plumers name that helped me (I think it was AJ) but he got me all set up on a new system. I love my teal ACE variable voltage/wattage APV. I got an orange SMOK PBC V2 tank to compliment my new vape (In honor of the San Jose Sharks).

I started the study that Creighton is doing for "e-cigs" and I can't wait to see the results.

My favorite flavors so far are:


GNS Mount N Dew

GNS Purple Worm

Soon I will be getting the GNS Yellow Cake and probably the Red Velvet Cake.

I just love vaping, and have since kicked cigarettes/nicotine/tobacco all together. I vape all day/everyday.


- Shane Huston

First Time Customer

Dear Alohma,


I was at a Super Bowl party on Sunday, and had a friend show me her Vape that she bought from your store.  After having a few hits, I decided to visit your store myself.  I was quite surprised when I walked in and saw how crowded it was.  It took about 5 minutes before LeeAnne was freed up and waited on me.  Being totally new to this experience, and only a cell phone photo of my friends vape, we went forward.


I’m a 59 yr old woman who has been in customer service and management  for 42 years.  Retail, restaurant, direct sales, you name it...I’ve done it.  Needless to say, I can within a few minutes sum up, and grade the service I’m receiving.  


I also know that being in the customer service industry you take a lot of crap.  You are quick to receive the complaints, but few people go out of their way to pay compliments after they leave the store.  That’s why I’m writing.  


Not only did LeeAnne take me by the hand, and very patiently show me different products, but she sat me down at what I like to call the “flavor bar” and helped me pick out the same flavor that my friend let me try.  She nailed it right away.  She carefully showed me how to work my new “toy” and was very patient.  I felt very taken care of.  I would also like to add that while she was in the back gathering all of what I needed, I was able to observe the rest of the staff, and how they worked with others.  At least 3 of them saw me sitting on the couch and asked if I was being helped.  All the employees were going out of their way, at every moment to help others...and they seemed happy!  Something you don’t see in retail so much today. 


Finally, LeeAnne got me rung up, gave me a card with her name, and asked me to please call with any questions, and she also explained the bonus point program.  I walked out of that store totally wowed by the experience!  No wonder your place is packed!  Keep up the good work Alohma!!  I hope my email serves to lift your day, as you did mine!




Denise Fisher

You will NOT find a better Vape shop

You will NOT find a better Vape shop in all of Omaha, Lincoln, and or Fremont. This shop sets the standard for what they all should be like.

First, they have a very nice, comfortable, NON-hurried seating area, with a multitude of juice samples. We have sat there for an hour taste testing, and have never got the feeling we were being hurried to make a selection.

Second, the staff are Extremely knowledgeable of all their products. Which leads me to the third highlight of this shop. They have the BEST selection of products hands down. Varying levels of Mods, tanks, coils, mouth pieces, etc. you get the point.

Finally, you won't find this quality of juice at other shops. They mix each bottle to order, right there in house. The best part, all juices are American made, which is a must for myself.

If I had anything to complain about, it would be that they relocate to a bigger building, to provide more room for customers. Believe me when this place is busy, it doesn't take long to get a little tight. The only other complaint (if it's even that); as with all brick and mortar Vape shops, I would like to see a more reasonable retail margin, based on the online overseas wholesale pricing, that they are getting.

Buffy B

John at 120th and Dodge

I was in today to get some help with some of my batteries that weren't working correctly.

When I entered there was a guy named John, right there at the front door greeting us and asking what we needed help with . I was impressed right away. He tried to charge the battery, and even tried to  fix it in the back of your store to try to make it work. Although it did not work he exchanged the battery that I purchased there with a new one. After that he got me some juice and showed me how to fill a tank that I was unfamiliar with.

I was so impressed with the service provided by your company. I will definitely pass long this message to my other friends who vape. I will definitely be a returning as well as life customer at your store.

Thank you so much for your help and please pass this message along to John.

Andy Nelson

Council Bluffs

I was so excited to have you come to Council Bluffs. It was my first time in your store and I love it. Everyone was so nice and answered all my questions. I will tell everyone to come in... You guys are the best!!!!

Sharla Ford

Wonderful Product, Wonderful Customer Service, Cheaper than smoking ever was.

I can't thank you enough with your excellent customer service and help in picking out a bare bones kit for both my wife and me. I had quit smoking for a couple of weeks and had bought a blu kit for a lot of money and it sucked. At the point I walked into your store I was really more interested in buying a couple of cartons of cigs and saying to heck with quiting. The kit I have got from you truely satisfys me, I don't want to smoke and eventually I think I can quit this habit too. I found that many of the patrons there are very helpful too. Where can you find a place where the customers help sell the product for you? I might also mention that this is by far cheaper and more enjoyable than smoking a cig ever was for me. I am a believer!!!!

John Metz

alohma has the best customer service ...
Alohma has the best customer service I've experienced in awhile. It is hard to find a business that cares about your specific needs as a consumer vs the overall 'sale'. The team always makes sure I have the right products for my e-cig use. Additionally, their juice selection in exceptional. One can try many, many flavors before buying. Anyone looking for more information on electronic cigarettes in the Omaha surrounding area - look no further. Alohma is the place to go.

Denise M.

I love this place!!
They are so kind and friendly! The first time I went in here, the owner Sam helped me out big time! I went in with the very first ecigs that came out looking for a charger for them! Btw, I got them some where else 4 years before! Sam tried and tried to find me a charger for them that would work he tried for like 30 minutes. Nothing worked but he tried and that's what matters. He didn't try and sell me on anything but when he couldn't find a charger that would work I then asked about his starter kits. He was very kind and told me about their starter kit they had for $25, he never tried to over sell me! That was almost a year ago and I have never forgot my first visit into his store! Plus now I'm a very loyal customer and the employees have made me feel important and so has Sam. I am happy to say I'm a PLUMERS for life! They are the best and greatest! Love you guys!!

Tonya H

Great Service

I live in Bellevue but made the drive to the 120th street store to meet with Eric and meet Sam. First I would like to say Sam is the nicest guy you will ever meet and his attitude about making his customers happy is beyond anything I expected. I have been having trouble finding the best fit for me. Sam suggested I talk to Eric. Eric made my trip well worth it. He suggested I go with a rebuildable and spent the entire visit dedicated to me showing me how to do a rebuild. Words cannot describe the type of service and care alohma takes to make sure that no customer leaves until they are satisfied and in Sam's words " I want to make my customers happy" alohma you rock.

John Schwope

Awesome Experience!

Just wanted to let you know how much we love your store. I started looking into vaping on November 22nd, and have been to your store twice since!

Started with simple eGo batteries, and clearomizers and they worked so good, I went into 3 days later and bought an itaste MVP 2! Myself, my wife, and my son's mother have all picked up units from your store and quit smoking because of it!

The staff is so professional and so very helpful! The two times we've been there, we have been there well over and hour, and it only felt like 10 minutes. The prices are great, and the staff is so knowledgeable.

We will continue to use Alohma as our go to vaping store for years to come! Looking forward to the CB store!!!

Great job!!!

Ryan Batt

Eye Opener
I started using Alohma 3 weeks ago, and have been cigarette free since then. I had heard ads on the radio and then a week before I went to the store I was at a party where a friend had one and let me try it. Needlessly to say it was an eye opener, I could actually feel like I was getting something when I took a drag. That was one thing that Blu and other e-cigs did not give me. When I went into the store, Dave at the 120th & Dodge walked me through showing me some different starter kits and I finally decided on the Magnetic battery kit with smok rbc top which is awesome cause I can charge it and still use it. Started with Cherry Pomegranate 18 mg and I am already down to the 16mg level. I am loving how I do not crave or want an actual cigarette anymore and my kids and wife love that I do not smell of cigarette smoke. So thank you Alohma you have another loyal customer here!!! :)

Curtis T

Love your store

Had my first experience this week at your store I am in love with the products and staff.. what a wonderful store

Kim Altic-Wipfler

Thank You Alohma!!!

I have been using my mod and not smoking for one month and six days, but really who is counting, I don't miss smoking at all!!!! This has been such a great experience the staff is always ready to help me and is sooo friendly, I can not say enough great things about the staff or the service you provide. I always rave about the store and have gotten some of my friends and coworkers to at least think about the change. Thanks again for such a great store. Have you ever thought about making t-shirts with your slogan " Alohma kicks ash." I would so get one and I know so would a lot of other people... Thanks again.. ;) 

Michele Gleason

Awesome product and great service!!!!

I started using Alohma 3 weeks ago, and have been cigarette free since then. I had heard ads on the radio and then a week before I went to the store I was at a party where a friend had one and let me try it. Needlessly to say it was an eye opener, I could actually feel like I was getting something when I took a drag. That was one thing that Blu and other e-cigs did not give me. When I went into the store, Dave at the 120th & Dodge walked me through showing me some different started kits and I finally decided on the Mag battery kit with smok rbc top which is awesome cause I can charge it and still use it. Started with Cherry Pomegranate 18 mg and I am already down to the 16mg level. I am loving how I do not crave or want an actual cigarette anymore and my kids and wife love that I do not smell of cigarette smoke. So thank you Alohma you have another loyal customer here!!! :)

Curtis Thompson

Exceptional Employee

I went to your Bellevue store after I purchased my E-Cig from your Dodge street store. I went to the store a number of times trying to figure out why my batteries took so long to charge and sometimes didn't work at all. We tried everything from having my equipment checked to getting replacements but it wasn't until I was waited on by Melissa that we got the problem solved. She spent a lot of time with me and I have to admit I was a little frustrated when I came in for my 6th trip. Melissa took it in stride and started working the problem, to make a long story short.......It was me that was the problem, I assumed my phone charger was putting out enough Amps but it wasn't Melissa showed me where to check and the correct out put that we found out my phone charger was only putting out .7 amps, instead of the minimum of 2 amps. I had always told the other people that I had a good charger but I was wrong. Melissa spent about 30 minutes with me, gave me a loner battery to use while she charged my battery on the stores charger and the following day used it the whole day to make sure it worked right and it did. I bought a new correct charger for 5.99 after Melissa spent about 5 hours testing my battery. That's a lot of work for a 6 dollar sale.....she smiled the whole time. I wish more companies had employee's like Melissa.

Thank you,

Steve Denniston

Great Staff...
No matter how good a product may be, it's only as good as it's customer service behind it and this definitely has outstanding staff. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. Not only are you able to sample the products but the staff also very good at making recommendations based on what you describe to them as a preference for flavors. I'm not really the type of person that will go in to sit down to try 50+ flavors, I'm more of an in-and-out type. The staff does a very good job at accommodating to both types of customers which is very important.i recommend this place to everyone.


I love your products

My husband and I came to your store in West Omaha on Oct. 11th. After many questions and the raving reviews of one of his employees as well as your vapers, we both made our purchase for us as well as his aunt. we now are on our first week with out a cigarette. we just can't stop talking to everyone about it. We have already converted my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. My children have even commented on how much better our clothes smell.I have never allowed smoking in the house but even smoking outside that smell was always in our clothes. Now being near any one that has a cigarette lit, stinks so bad, My food tastes great!  I am converted, I have already started lowering my nic levels, my energy levels are going up and I no longer cough like i use to. I can not thank you team enough for all the help they gave us that night. I will never stop talking about your product to every one I come across that ask me about it and how well it worked, believe me I have tried everything before and nothing has worked as well as your products have. 

Anita A

Love it!
I went to Alohma looking for an alternative to smoking.  I had no knowlege of anything e-cig related. I was also very anxious because I wanted to quit smoking, but I had had no success in the past.

The staff was very helpful and informative.  Being an absolute novice, they were also very patient as well.  They walked me through the process and also calmed my nerves, as it was like giving up an old friend.  I had been smoking ciggarettes for 20 years.

I am very satisfied with the setup they helped me choose. And the variety of flavors to choose from is incredible.

I haven't smoked a cigarette in over three months now, and I don't have the desire to.  I have already recommended Alohma to several friends who have become satisfied customers, and I will continue to recommend Alohma to anyone else looking for an excellent e-cig experience!

Catie T

Bellevue Store

I just want to say your Bellevue staff are very helpful and friendly with helping me find the best vapor for me especially Nicki. I have over several visits have worked with Nicki to find the best system to meet my needs. She has been friendly, patient and extremely helpful. Her knowledge has been a great asset. I will continue to be a customer and also continue to spread the word about Alohma because of the great service you provide.

John S

Cigarette free for 1 and a half years!

I am proud to announce that I put cigarettes down March 27, 2012 and have been vaping since!

I have Sam to thank for my success.  He is not only knowledgable of the products he sells but also supportive in your quest to be smoke free!

I started vaping 18-24 strength juice and am currently vaping my favorite juice at 6 ml of nicotine.  Although I am weaning myself from nicotine I doubt I will ever stop vaping!  It is soooooo good!  My favorite favors are Sweet Carolina and Desert Ship! 

The skeptics are doubtful about e-cigs, hang out at the Alohma store and you will hear many stories like mine!  Try it! What do you have to loose?  

Karen P

Amazed at Alohma

On Tuesday August 27th 2013 @ 4:30pm I entered Alohma e-cigarette store in Omaha Nebraska.

I was amazed at the customer service and how friendly the staff was.  I asked question after question and an answer was given for each question asked.  There were no pushy sales people; the staff was like someone you had known for years – a friend.  I went into the store with the thought of reducing my cigarette intake, but I’m very glad to say that I haven’t had a puff off a cigarette in 3 days.

This is the way to go if you want to stop smoking.  I’ve tried for 30 years.  I feel better, food taste better and most important my family is much happier that I’m trying to kick the habit.

If you want to quit smoking go see the staff at Alohma they are top notch.

Thanks to the staff for making this journey easier.

Sincerely, Jeff Swanson

Part of the Fun is Hanging out in the Store, Chatting with Other Vapers
I went to a party where I expected to find the usual crowd of drinkers and smokers.  What I found instead was a bunch of big, burly, biker types with these funny little gadgets hanging around their necks.  It seemed I was one of only about three smokers in a rather large crowd of people.  As I wandered around chatting with people I started gathering information about these "gadgets."  I had tried electronic cigarettes and did not enjoy them but these seemed different.  More and more people kept making me try them, everyone had a different flavor, and everyone was singing the praises of this "Alohma" in Omaha.

Eventually my husband and I decided that maybe we should go look around for ourselves.  The next day, we jumped on our bikes and made our way to the store with my brother.  I didn't expect to be treated well, that is often the case when you are dressed for a 180 mile ride.  It seems the leathers and rags tend to scare people away.  I was pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service, the product line, and simply the way that the store is run.  You never feel like you are being left to flounder your way through your decision on your own but you also never feel pressured into buying something if you just aren't sure about it.

In my opinion, it doesn't take a sales person to sell these products, they do a fantastic job on their own!  But it does take someone with knowledge, and a desire to help others, to make every experience a happy one.  Alohma has found that perfect balance!!

I am not in the area so don't get in as frequently as I would like, but I am always treated like a friend.  They have even offered to mail me things if I really need them to, though I haven't taken them up on it yet.  I try to get in to the store every couple months or so and stock up.  Part of the fun is hanging out in the store, chatting with other vapers, trying the flavors, and finding out about the next product you want to try.  

I have recommended Alohma to many friends and family, and will continue to do so!  We have even talked about making a day trip up with several friends to get them started!  It would be well worth it!  


Where Has Vaping Been All My Life?

I smoked for 30+ years and quit cold turkey on April 2, 2012. I lit my last cigarette as Sam showed me how to fill my tank and use my first EGO kit. Two or three puffs later Sam told me to put out the cigarette and give it a go. Cigarettes are now in my past.

I've since upgraded equipment and experimented with all kinds of different gear. I find something I like and let Sam know and BOOM! he's getting it in stock.

There hasn't been a time yet when I needed to get a hold of Sam and not been able to do so lightning fast. Customer service is TOP NOTCH and he's never run out of anything I've needed and I need a lot, especially juice flavours!

If you're in the Omaha and surrounding areas and interested in giving vaping a shot or even just looking for a solid local source for vaping supplies, equipment, and juices, head to Alohma. You will not regret it.


Great Store
Great shop. I've been to a few of these as I typically make it a point to stop by local shops when I travel for work. What I liked: Juice. Their sample area is nice with a wide selection of flavors. I didn't count them but it seemed to be at least 70-80, if not more. Once you select what you want, I got the feeling that they mixed it on the spot to order. They have something for everyone. Inventory. A decent selection of devices and hardware. Ego's, clearo's, some mechanical mods, VV, drip tips. I picked up an octopus rda. Again, something for everyone. Pricing. I typically understand that shopping at a local shop means I'm paying a bit more for the products. I usually accept it as I'm getting in person service, can usually sample what I'm buying, don't pay shipping (especially if purchasing just 1 or 2 items), and am supporting a local business in an American city. At Alohma, I was kind of surprised that their pricing was pretty much matched to what you can get online. Their juice pricing is exceptional, 50ml of juice for around what you can get 30ml elsewhere. Staff. I walked in and was greeted pretty much immediately. I talked to the manager(owner?) and was pointed to the sampling area and started trying out their juices. I was impressed by the staff as I eavesdropped in on a conversation between the staff and a customer who walked in, smelling of smoke, and asking questions about how it worked. He was knowledgeable on the options the customer had questions on. While I know a few websites you can order directly from China from for quite a bit less (on the starter kits anyway), the fit and finish on the direct from China stuff isn't nearly as good as the exports and I've found that I need to use an adapter to even get my atomizer to fire. Overall, Alohma gets an A++ from me. If you are starting off, you will have probably the most helpful staff you can find. The only thing I find myself wondering is if they could have helped when I first found myself trying to tinker with rebuildable atomizers. As far as I can tell, this business wants your business from the start and wants to maintain it by earning your business by excellent service, selection, and pricing.

Nick H

I'm In Love
I have been going to Alohma for the last two months and I don't know what to say. This is my second testimonial. 

I fell in love with the Beetlejuice and that was a regular after dinner toot. Sam tried to sell me on Coffeeshop Hodgepodgery. I thought just another coffee flavored ejuice. If you're expecting the flavor of Maxwell House or Folger's, it's not even close. 

Coffeeshop Hodgepodgery will addict you in the first two fills of whatever you're using to toot. It's great during breaks, lunch, and in the evening while playing a game of WoW. And the best thing is, after two months of showing up at Alohma, I'm still treated as though I was a first time customer and I like that.


Best Thing Ever!!!

I was introduced to Sam through my friend, David. We had both been Vaping for about a year when he said , "Hey, I know someone local with good product." 

After several heartbreakingly horrid experiences with juice and equipment from malls and walgreens, I was a bit gun-shy. David actually picked up the first battery for me and it was filled with Watermelon juice. I took one puff and was sold. 

Sam has some of the best tasting juice I have ever had. He really cares about your personal smoking habits and needs and works to customize each experience to the person he is dealing with. I have recommended at least a dozen people to him and no complaints from anyone so far. 

To this date, these have been the best quality batteries, juice and service I have experienced. The fact he is local makes it even more amazing. All it takes is meeting Sam once and seeing what he has to offer, and you will be sold.


Jennifer Griffin

Alohma Rocks!
Since my wife, Kathy, first stumbled across the Alohma website almost a month ago, we have made weekly trips to the Alohma store. 

Sam and Dave impressed us with their vaping knowledge from day one...they both showed great patience in making sure we got exactly what we were looking for and made sure we left the store happy with our choices. Some of our friends were so impressed, after hearing our stories and trying out our vapes, they went straight to Alohma to have Sam and the boys set 'em up with vapes of their own. (15 new customers and counting!) 

I have now been smoke free for 25 days...and my wife is right behind me at 19 days. Thanks Alohma for making this possible. Keep up the good work guys! You ROCK!

Tony Pierce

Could Not Be Happier
I'd seen you guys on Facebook. I've been a smoker for the past 10 years. Wanted to quit but always went back. I liked to smoke what can I say. I stopped at you shop and talked with David. He got me set up with a starter kit, and its been great sense. 

Thanks everybody!

Mark McDermott

Alohma - THE Omaha Shop for Vaping Enthusiasts

After doing some serious research online, and watching literally hours of reviews on youtube, I decided that my last and final step was to just find knowledgeable professionals and speak to them personally.

Man was I lucky when I walked into Alohma today! 

Damien was there with a quick handshake and smile and a skull full of know how. He walked me through the basics without talking to me like a child, and understood my questions nearly before I finished asking them. 

I decided to step directly to a higher tier level of device, and got the VV APV Groove by Smok Tech. Couldn't be more pleased with the service I received and I'm sure that if I have any trouble with the device they'll make sure to work with me and get things right. 

Thanks again, Damien. You rock, Man.

Thomas Fox

The Trucker from Indiana.

Instant Gratification
I have smoked a pack and a half for 35 years and my son Justin turned me on to your awesome product and service. Seeing my success, my wife Sue also purchased one of your products and I now have a family of non-smokers. God Bless you and your great team. I will forever be in your debt.

Mike McCleery

Omaha, NE

Very patient and knowledgeable
I just have to say my experiences with Alohma was awesome!

I have tried other "run of the mill" ecigs and was ALMOST going to buy the Blu starter pack until a young guy behind the counter told me about Alohma. I went there the next day and it took a couple of hours for me to decide and thank God Sam and the staff was very patient with me. 

To me it was a big decision. I WAS at least a pack and a half smoker a day and since then I haven't touched cigarettes. I have found the perfect "alternative" to smoking! 

Thank you Sam and the staff for your knowledgeable advice and putting up with all the questions and pondering. You have won another customer!

Dan A

Amazing Product AND Staff
One word sums up my experience with Alohma: Awesome. 

I was a "pack a day" smoker. One of my friends referred me to Alohma. Upon stepping into the store, I was greeted with some of the most knowledgeable staff I have ever encountered. They explained thoroughly what products they have to offer and gave me suggestions on what would suit my needs. 

As they were finalizing my order, the owner Sam came out and greeted me. The fact that the owner of the establishment took time out of his busy day to greet me really took me by surprise (in a great way). 

Anyways, I have gone from smoking 1 pack a day to about 3 cigarettes a day. I am about to quit smoking all together. I would encourage all smokers to give Alohma a shot. You will get a great product and will have amazing service.

T.J. Foster

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